Activities & Treats

Activities & Treats

Romp and Play:

  • An activity session where your pet will receive one-on-one time with a staff member. Since all dogs are different we gear each session to the individual dog’s preference. Romp & Play activities may include a high energy game such as fetch, frisbee, or tug-o-war; a leisurely stroll around the grounds, or a hands-on session of gentle petting or belly rubs. A free bath is offered with six full price Romp & Plays.

Frosty Paws:

  • A Soy based frozen treat made specifically for dogs.

Bed Time Treat:

  • Assorted all natural dog cookies served just before lights out.


  • Five minute walks are available morning, noon, afternoon and evening.

Kong Time:

  • A stuffed Kong (stuffing menu varies by day) provides your dog with mental and physical exercise and is a great stress reliever.

Holiday Meals:

  • On holidays we prepare home cooked holiday dinners.


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