Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding Accommodations

All of our guests stay in individual spacious indoor/outdoor runs. The indoor area has radiant heat, air-conditioning and skylights for natural lighting. The outdoor areas are covered to provide shade and protection from inclement weather.

Runs are available in two sizes:

  • Standard run 3′ x 6′ and 3′ x 14′ outdoor
  • Double run 6′ x 6′ indoor and 6′ x 14′ outdoor


We provide Iams Minichunks Adult dry dog food or you may bring your pet’s regular food from home. Foods requiring special handling (i.e. freezer storage, heating, etc.) are subject to a handling fee.


We offer two options: Petcot brand elevated dog beds provide optimal comfort and support for your dog; or double-sided imitation sheepskin beds.


Oral, topical or injections, charged per administration

Geriatric Care:

We offer special care for the needs of your elderly pet.

Day Care:

Drop off and pick up within business hours for the day


Door to door pick up and/or delivery available

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